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1. It is guaranteed that all the products sold are offically authorized and directly supplied by the original manufacturer [UNBLOCK TECH]. The product image information on the online store is only for reference, because the product image is taken or scanned in kind. If you find that the actual product does not match the image, please understand that the actual product shall prevail. We will uphold the tenet of "customer-centric, honesty as the criterion" to provide our customers with the best quality goods and great services, but for any fraudulent behavior, we will reserve the right to pursue legal liabilities in accordance with the law. The final interpretation of this rule belongs to this website.

2. This product has the function of accessing the Internet. All applications downloaded and installed by users are from the Internet, and this product is not responsible for the correctness and legality of the content contained in any application. Ambow users are requested to abide by relevant local laws and regulations, and do not install and use any apps that are related to pornography, violence, copyright disputes and other illegal content.

3. This product is not pre-installed in the market. This product does not directly upload or install applications, and does not modify, edit or organize application content. The application developer and submitter shall bear all responsibilities for the application's rights defects or infringement of the legal rights and interests (including but not limited to patent rights, trademark rights, copyrights and related copyrights, portrait rights, privacy rights, reputation rights, etc.). Therefore, this product does not bear any legal responsibility for losses caused to or any third-party manufacturer.





1. 本產品具備接入互聯網的功能。用戶自行下載安裝的應用程式均來自於互聯網,本產品不對任何應用所包含內容的正確性、合法性負責。請廣大安博用戶遵守所在地的相關法律法規,不要安裝使用任何有關色情、暴力、版權爭議等違規內容的應用程式。

2.  市埸非本產品預裝應用,本產品不直接上傳應用或安裝,對應用內容不進行修改、編輯或整理。因應用存在權利瑕疵或侵犯了的合法權益(包括但不限於專利權、商標權、著作權及著作鄰 接權、肖像權、隱私權、名譽權等),由應用開發及提交者承擔所有責任。因此給或任何協力廠商造成損失的,本產品不負上任何法律責任。